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Last Updated on 26-06-2020

Front Line Demonstration 2016 (Completed)

Title of FLD No. Thematic Area No. of Demonstration Area (ha)/no of trails Remarks
Discipline: Agronomy
Effect of intercropping on the yield of maize Performance evaluation 5 0.25 Completed
Jalkund – a source of irrigation to improve the rural livelihood Resource Conservation technology 2 0.25 Completed
Zero tillage Resource Conservation technology 18 0.5 Completed
Discipline: Horticulture
Intercropping of cabbage with pea Integrated crop management 2 0.2 Completed
Package of practices of broccoli Production technology 1 0.2 Completed
Discipline: Plant Protection
Management of late blight disease of potato with bio agent (Trichoderma viride) Biological control 8 2 Completed
Management of brinjal shoot & fruit borer by erection of pheromone traps @100 traps/ha, shoot clipping at weekly interval, destruction of infected fruit and four rounds of spraying of NSKE (4%) at 10 days interval IPM 2 1 Completed
Effect of bio control agent (Pseudomonas fluorescens) on blast of Paddy Biological control 2 1 Completed
Discipline: Fisheries
IFS Paddy cum fish culture 2 0.2 Completed