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Last Updated on 26-06-2020

Other Extension Activities

Sl No. Nature of Extension Activity Purpose / Topic and Date No. of activities Participants
SC/ST (Farmers) (I) Extension Officials (II) Grand Total (I+II)
MaleFemaleTotal MaleFemaleTotal MaleFemaleTotal
1Field Day2
2Field Day0
3Field Day0
1Kisan Mela
2Kisan Mela
1Kisan Ghosthi
3Film ShowOn training topics & dates2230246776920020322467789
4Method DemonstrationsSRI / Nursery preparation / Use of Trichocard3362359303392362
5Farmers Seminar
7Group meetings
8Lectures delivered as resource persons14
9Newspaper coverage2
10Radio talks17
11TV talks
12Popular articles
13Extension Literature
14Advisory Services
15Scientific visit to farmers field
16Farmers visit to KVK
17Diagnostic visits91282012820
18Exposure visits
19Ex-trainees Sammelan
20Soil health Camp
21Animal Health Camp
22Agri mobile clinic
23Soil test campaigns
24Farm Science Club Conveners meet
25Self Help Group Conveners meetings
26Mahila Mandals Conveners meetings
27Celebration of important days (World Food Day)14223656511482876
Grand Total7339252191329534421526947