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Last Updated on 26-06-2020


Title of OFT No. Thematic Area No. of Trials Area (ha)/no of trails Remarks
Discipline: Agronomy
Varietal performance of Paddy variety CAU R1 Varietal evaluation 5 0.5 Completed
Effect of seed treatment in rice with biofertiilizers Integrated Nutrient Management 5 0.5 Completed
Paddy cum fish culture Integrated Farming System/ Integrated Crop Management 2 0.25 Completed
Introduction and varietal performance of groundnut ICGS-76 - 5 0.75 Completed
Discipline: Horticulture
Integrated nutrient management of tomato (cowdung manure @ 2.5tonnes/ha + vermicompost @ 3.5tonnes/ha + bio-inoculation with2.4kg Azotobacter and 2.4kg PSB in 10lts of water as seedling root dip) Integrated Nutrient Management 5 0.1 Completed
Open cultivation of Gerbera (RCGH 93, RCGH 226, RCGH12, RCGH 114, RCGH 1) - 2 0.1 Planting completed
Discipline: Plant Protection
Management of white grub in potato by using Metarhizium anisopliae and EPN Biological control 5 0.5 Completed
Monitoring and management of fruit flies by installing fruit flies traps @ 4 nos/acre in Chow chow IPM 5 0.5 Completed
Discipline: Fisheries
Composite fish culture Assessment of performance of composite fish culture( Silver carp, Grass carp, Amur) 4 0.4 Completed
Integrated Pig cum fish farming IFS 1 0.1 Completed