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Last Updated on 26-06-2020

Major Problems Identified and Priority Thrust Areas

Sl No.Major Problem IdentifiedIdentified Thrust Areas


Low production of crops as the farmers are still adopting the traditional practices of cultivation.

Promotion for the adoption of the improved package of practices.


Productivity per unit area is low and declining due to mono cropping, imbalance application of fertilizers, non replacement of seeds etc.

Diversification and intensification of existing farming system through introduction of improved variety, HYV or hybrid seeds and proven technology like multiple cropping etc.


Pest and diseases incidence.

Integrated Pest & Disease management practices.


Soil erosion and declining fertility of the soil due to acidity.

Soil & water conservation measures, agronomic practices, organic farming, INM, Bio-fertilizers, crop rotation, liming etc.


Rain fed agriculture dependent on rain water and lack of conservation measures.

Promotion for insitu conservation of water like dug out ponds, tanks ,mulching etc.


Dearth of draught animal.

Popularizing mechanization.


Local breed with slow weight gain, low eggs production,High mortality, low conception rate etc.

Introduction of improved breed of livestock.


Mostly marginal farmers having Low family income & lack in skills.

Promotion for creating revolving fund & educating them on improved management practices etc.